Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Student Council

Taylor decided to run for student council for next year.
These are the posters that we made for her to hang up
at school. The elections go all week and they will
announce the winners on Friday. We will let you know
what happens. I am very proud of Taylor for doing this.
Thanks to my sister Tiff for helping with the posters.


GoldenFamily said...

Way to go Tay I love the posters they are so great!

craziern said...

Posters are great, good luck Taylor!

Lorrie said...

You are quite the creative little mom...Good luck to Taylor!

The Millers said...

They look great! So what happened? Did she make it? I tried out for Student Council in 8th or 9th grade and didn't make it past the first round :(

Johnson Family said...

She didn't make Student Council but we are very proud of her for trying.