Monday, March 30, 2009

St. George & Las Vegas

Taylor and Morgan in Vegas.

We went to Circus Circus and rode some rides in the Adventuredome.
They had a roller coaster, 3-D Movies, Laser Tag, Motion Rides and
lots of other rides.

The girls with one of the M&M's at the M&M store
in Vegas. Morgan had to go and get her teacher some
treats from her favorite store.

Brandon and Tay on the ride that shoots you up in the air
and then drops you.

We went down to St. George for the weekend and a much needed
vacation. We went to Vegas on Friday all day, then on Saturday
morning me and the girls ran in a 5K in Washington.
Me and Taylor ran the 5K, and Morgan did a 1K.
Morgans time was 7 minutes, Taylors was 34 minutes,
and my time as 36 minutes. We had a great time and I am very
proud of the girls for doing that with me. Brandon cheered me
and Taylor on and he did run with Morgan. Me and the girls
hit the pool Saturday afternoon for a little sun. We had a great time
can't wait to go again.

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GoldenFamily said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun. Next time I go down I will have to make a day trip to Vegas Tanner would love the M&M store.