Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Boating at Strawberry.

Dagen & Ryder

Taylor loving the tube ride.

Taylor & Ryder waiting for the ride to begin.

We left the Family Reunion for about an hour
and went to the lake with my dads boat.
The kids loved to jumping in. The water
was great and the kids had a great time.
Thanks Dad for letting us use your boat.
Wish you were there with us.


thetaylors said...

How fun! We had to cancel our trip up there earlier this year. Hopefully we will make it there sometime soon.

Ty and Whit said...

Its about time you did an update. I don't see you anymore so you need to keep it updated! :) It looks like you had alot of fun. I love boating and really missed getting to do it this year. Hopefully next year!!!