Sunday, June 28, 2009

Puppies, Graduation, Softball

This is a picture of the puppies before
they left us. One of the boys puppies went
to a little boy in Ogden. He was so excited to
have a new puppy. The other boy went to a
family in Salt Lake. One little girl went to Idaho
with my Aunt Diane. The other little girl went to
a lady here in Spanish Fork. We were really sad to
see them go but ready for them to leave.

Softball season has began and now it is
almost over. Morgans team didn't do
so well but they had a awesome coach.

Morgan with Mrs. Mantilla.
She graduated from 5th Grade.
I can't believe she only has 1
more year in Elementary School.
Mrs. Mantilla was an awesome teacher
and Morgan enjoyed having her as a teacher.
Congratulations Morgan!!!

Well this summer has been full of rain.
No camping yet because of the
terrible rain we have been having.
Taylor went to Girls Camp and it
poured on them every day and night.
But she had fun anyway.
Morgan is on here way to
Shadow Mountain Monday morning.
She is really excited for it. Taylor is too.
Hopefully we can start going camping
and swimming now that the weather looks
like it is starting to be sunny.

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