Wednesday, August 20, 2008


On August 18 we got to have another new baby in the family.
Aimee delivered Branson late Monday night. He was 6 wks early weighting
3 lbs. 15 oz. & 16 inches long. He is in NICU but is
doing very good & he is breathing on his own. He will
be in there until he gains some weight. Congrats Aimee & Eric.

Look at all of his hair!!!!!

We went to visit them on tuesday night. Aimee took us
up to see him and she got to hold him for the first time
since she had him. We got to hold him and he is so dang cute.
The girls couldn't go in and see him because they have to
be over 16 to go in but they were able to stand
by the doors and look at him while Aimee was holding him.
They can't wait to hold him.


Tiffany said...

WOW! I can't believe how little he is! I am glad everything is ok. Congrats to Aimee & Eric, what a cute baby! (Love all the hair!)

The Millers said...

Thank you so much for posting the pictures! we just can't wait to see him! What a sweet baby boy, thank goodness he is doing okay!

GoldenFamily said...

We have been up in park city and I just got to see baby branson on your blog. He is so cute I love his hair!!! Its so hard when you can't hold them right away but I'm glad everything has been going well. Aimee, Eric and Easton we love you all and we are so excited about our new little boy in the family.

janiejune said...

Well don't die of shock my dears, but yes by golly it is me, the one and only Grandma Luisjune Janie!!!! Watch out cuz I am getting hooked on this by the minute. Your blog is awesome and who knows, if a certain someone I know will come over and give me a mini class on this, I will even get some pictures and all kinds of cool stuff. I can't wait to see your account of your disney trip.. I wish I wasn't sa damn fat and I'd hide in your suitcase.. Ya right grandma. Maizey is going to be fun to have here at the house. See you Thursday.. Love you.